Monday, September 17, 2012

TDDP Day #11 (And the missing day)

I've been in a rotten mood all weekend, mostly because I entered yet another contest... and lost.
(I'm a bad sport-
one of my many faults right there alongside my snobbery.
But I'm an especially bad sport when it seems obvious that I was way way way out ahead.)
Anyhoo, it was a silly contest any way.
I really only entered it because 
A) The prize was something I've been wanting for years, but have absolutely no plans of buying for myself- a big expensive Wacom tablet/pen with art software
B) I'm kind of desperate for a little validation. 
(Parents, Dr A, you guys don't count, but thanks for telling me I'm awesome anyway lol)

Also, this loss plays into the paradigm of my life, and that is...
 If I'm doing abstract, realist will win. 
If I do realist, 3D will win.
If I do 3D, then abstract will win.
Story of my life. 
Drum, marching, other, beat... you know.

Do you want to know just how silly of a contest it was?
It was a chalk art competition.
Chalk art... like on a sidewalk.
And I lost.
To an abstract.
(I loathe abstract.
It's my least favorite form of art,
right next to point and shoot fauxtograpghy).
Anyhow, this was my entry:
And this was the winner. 
That little side project took up most of my time yesterday, and pouting took up the rest of my day, so I don't have a doily to post-it for TDDP.

Today, I was still in a pretty rotten mood, made worse by my forgetting to write down the date of a form I needed to complete, and realizing the deadline had passed. So, this one's really for me, but if you want it, it's yours. I can always make myself another one. 

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