Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meet Radar

  • Hi again! I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote a blog. (Actually it hasn't been that long, I just prefer myspace as my blogging outlet.) You haven't missed much... We got a dog...who is perfect. He's a lab retriever, and he is super sweet. We call him Radar. He's a palindrome! He fulfills everything I was looking for in a dog:
  • He's great company.

  • He's a great running partner.

  • He's a good swimmer.

  • He loves Beauregard the cat.

  • He's insanely loving.

  • and last but not least- he's absolutely adorable!

  • I can't believe we got so lucky- getting a new pet is always kind of a gamble- you never know if they're going to be Lassie or Kujo- but Radar is actually perfect. Now that I think about it, the things he doesn't do are almost as important as the things he does do. He doesn't pee inside, he doesn't chew anything that's not a dog toy, he doesn't bark or show ANY aggression. Really his only flaw is that he recently "discovered" himself, and hasn't stopped enjoying it. It's become a pretty constant thing. It's kind of embarrassing sometimes, especially when we have guests: "Hi Guys, thanks for coming, this is my husband Peter. This is my cat Beau. And... um... that's my dog... and his wang. If he stops sometime tonight, I'll show you the tricks we've taught him." I'm told this is a pretty common phase young dogs go through.

  • This is another tutorial painting. I think I've just about learned all I can from them, and now I have a nice little collection of watercolors to work with, so soon I'll start posting some non-tutorial paintings. Yay! This one does look pretty nice in the frame I found by the dumpster.