Sunday, November 30, 2008

Miss church today?

Thats okay- Barats and Bereta have you covered...

but don't let it happen again. WHOOOOAA!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Adventures '08

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I couldn't be with my family this year, but it wasn't all bad.

In fact, it was pretty darn fun.

We left the house, and caught a train to Manhattan, but then I realized I had forgotten the XD card to my camera.

No problem!

We stopped in at a camera shop to buy a new one, and even though the camera guy was disgusted by how old and gnarly my camera is, he did have an XD card that would fit. So now I have 650 remaining photos on my camera! Before, the best I could ever get was 32! I was always having to delete photos before they made their way onto my computer, but no more!

It was a good thing I had a card in my camera, too, or else I wouldn't have been able to take pictures of Pikachu terrorizing the city.

It was terrible! It took a team of twenty highly skilled poke trainers to wrangle him back into his poke-ball.

After the the pikachu had been taken care of we all thought everything was safe and that we could relax, but then a giant ogre came along to grind our bones into bread and other such ogre-y activities. He and his Smash Mouth loving minions spread destruction and chaos with the help of a giant clover-bearing elephant.

Fortunately a space man and Zack Ephron came along to save the day. I wouldn't have been able to recognize this brave young man if it weren't for the dozens of young female narrators near by jumping and screaming,

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh- IT'S ZACK EPHRON!"

We needed to recover from all the excitement, so we found a little place to have some soup,

then we went and explored the city some.

In keeping with the day's madness, we accidentally wandered into an enchanted forest. This was a magical forest where every bridge came with it's own saxophone player, and where, despite the barely being freezing temperature, a pond had frozen over. Some of the strange inhabitants of the forest had blades attached to their feet, and I could only assume that they were under some terrible curse, because they continually went around and around in circles on the frozen water. Perhaps someday Zack Ephron will come and free them from their icy domain.

When we got back home I got to work preparing a small feast, and we decided to give thanks for surviving all the giant creatures and other chicanery that we ran into. That's why we call it Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The birds in the branches are cared for.

I've loved being a florist for the past several months, but it was a blessing that fell in my lap, and I'm feeling it might not last much longer. The economy has hit us hard, and job security is a myth, a fabled thing you hear of, but see no signs of real existence.

I'll be honest-things are not good right now.

Things are not good in New York.

Things are not good in America.

But you know what?

This is when faith truly kicks in.

There is nothing like hardship to remind us of God's love and mercy.

Example: When I got my first paycheck from my current job we were down to less than $70. Total. Rent, bills, food... and all we had was $65 and some change.

God provided.

I have faith that, no matter what, He will again.

If I lose my job I'll find another one.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

juz anuthr lolcat I made

When will I stop thinking lolcats are funny? When?! WHEN?!

Probably never.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once upon a time...

It's been a very long day, and I believe a bedtime story is in order.

(I know it's not that late, but I'm knackered out.)

Once Upon a Time ...

There was a girl

Who met a boy. They got married and moved to the Caribbean and got a dog. He studied medicine, and she worked at a resort. But she got sick of the monkies messing up her table settings, so she went to work for a camp for undocumented kids. Eventually they had to leave the island. It was very sad. She still misses her friends and the kids there. (Especially that kid, Helene)!

Now they live in New York, where he "works" at a very nice hospital and she is a florist 60 hrs per week, but still makes dinner, does class work and blogs.

The End.

Good night!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I love about New York #3

I love where I live.
Finally, we were able to find a decent apartment in a new city on the first try. Our last big move landed us in a shoebox apartment that had a hole in the floor in lieu of a tub and a gargantuan generator sounding like a Harley gang permanently parked outside our bedroom window. This big move, however, landed us in a cushy Queens high rise that's as dog friendly as can be. True, we may not have furniture like normal people. But somehow, the whole utilitarian desks-instead-of-a-couch thing works for us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I Love About New York #2: Indie Theaters

Number two on the list of things

I love about New York


Independent Theaters.

Theres a small Theater a few minutes away from my place that almost exclusively shows independent films. I suspect that the reason for this is not because of the owner's overwhelming desire to be a patron of cinematic art, but because it's a really old and small establishment, and they can probably get movies that no one has ever heard of for cheap.

(This is just a theory- for all I know, the owner could be wearing a beret as he scoffs at Spielberg as we speak.)

I love it there.

The building is ancient, and the walls are covered in posters featuring actors and actresses that were mostly dead before I was born. Also, it's a very cheap way to spend an afternoon. Last week we saw Happy Go Lucky. Even though it was a little frustrating at times, it was a GREAT movie. If you live anywhere near a theater where Happy Go Lucky is showing, you HAVE to go see it. Seriously. Not seeing it would be a crime. It's more a character study than anything- the plot is cobweb thin- but somehow getting to spend two hours with "Poppy" makes it worth it. On a side note, I couldn't help thinking that artsy star Sally Hawkins bears a striking resemblance to fellow AUC wife, Gerri Dicarlo... only much paler.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I love about New York #1

I'm not one who is prone to homesickness, but a few bad days in a row can really make you start idealizing the past, which for me is a sunny beach side apartment in the Caribbean. But it's like Conor Oberst (of my fave band Bright Eyes) says,

"Life is how it is, not how it was."

So I tell myself to MTFU (WTFU would be more accurate, I guess) and focus on all the nice things about living here, which I will start doing here on my blog. Starting now.

Things I love about New York #1:

Mass Transit

I love that New York has such a great mass transit system. Anytime I want to go somewhere I just dig out my Metrocard and hop on a bus, or a train, or whatever. No looking for parking, no avoiding the crazy NYC drivers. I can take a book with me or my MP3 player and just enjoy the ride. This is effectively how I've done all my classwork this semester. I read a few pages on my way to work, then read some more on my way home. When I actually do get home, I can get right to brass tacks. Thanks mass transit!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

One of those days

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?

Like when the bus you're on has a flat and you get to work almost an hour late.

When you trim the plants that weren't supposed to be trimmed.

When you manage to knock over an entire five gallon bucket full of water which then rapidly floods your boss's office because the floor is slightly slanted in that direction.

When you come home as tired as you could possibly be after 10 hours and your hubby is crazied up because the dishwasher is broken and all the dishes are dirty.

When you give everything you can, but still end up feeling like a lousy employee and wife.

It's one of those days.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I can has a lolcat!

Come see the lolcats web page!

No telling how much time I've wasted at that site, but the above pic is my first ever contribution.

Warning: can lead to serial procrastination and massive time wastification.