Saturday, November 22, 2008

The birds in the branches are cared for.

I've loved being a florist for the past several months, but it was a blessing that fell in my lap, and I'm feeling it might not last much longer. The economy has hit us hard, and job security is a myth, a fabled thing you hear of, but see no signs of real existence.

I'll be honest-things are not good right now.

Things are not good in New York.

Things are not good in America.

But you know what?

This is when faith truly kicks in.

There is nothing like hardship to remind us of God's love and mercy.

Example: When I got my first paycheck from my current job we were down to less than $70. Total. Rent, bills, food... and all we had was $65 and some change.

God provided.

I have faith that, no matter what, He will again.

If I lose my job I'll find another one.

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