Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I love about New York #5

Last week after a fun night of famous bakery seeking (and finding) I was walking to the subway with some friends when we encountered several trailers parked on the side of the street bearing familiar names such as Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others.

Apparently we'd stumbled onto the set of "Did You Hear About The Morgans?" A movie that isn't coming out till December!

Which reminded me of Reason I Love this New York #5

It is dynamic... ever-changing... spontaneous even.

We watched as they turned the cloudless evening into a rainy one and stunt doubles scampered along balconies and rooftops. The tweens in our group were excited beyond reason, but honestly everything is more fun when accompanied by those of the super enthusiastic persuasion.

Flash photography was strictly forbidden so I don't have a great picture to share with you. You'll just have to take my word that it was fantastic!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tales of Tails

Once upon a time we got to puppysit the adorable Bayla (John and Gerri's Golden Retriever).

All week long they played together like best friends.

The funniest game they played was when Bayla would lay on the dog bed and hold one end of the tug toy and get pulled around by Radar.

He pulled her all around the apartment.

I unearthed this video gem while cleaning up my laptop.


Yes! That is Belle and Sebastion playing backup to the pups' shenanigans.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's more fun than selling on Etsy?

Buying on Etsy, that's what!

I just got a fresh shipment of inspiration, ala regina's studio. Yippee!

Just what I needed on this rainy Friday!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

something to ponder.

I can't be the only one to waste hours on facebook.

The profiles of friends from high school play out like "This is your life if..."

This is your life if you had made better grades.

This is your life if you had done drugs.

This is your life if you had of been passionate about something.

This is your life if you'd have ignored what people told you.

This is your life if you'd have been more responsible.

This is your life if you'd chosen differently.

Thoughts on the subject of "if" are wasted on the imperviousness of the unknowable.

It's better to think of what is.

But contemplating "what is" always leads me back to the relentless question of "how did I get here?"

Strange road, mine.

A million extraordinary simple little things, so cumulatively intricate, that "predestined" doesn't seem quite strong enough a word.

If any one of a million little things had or hadn't occurred I wouldn't be here, in my New York City apartment typing up a blog post from my Ikea couture bed.

(That was kind of a joke, Ikea couture, but only those experienced in the crappiness of Ikea could get it).

Like, what if Peter had never heard of AUC?

What if I hadn't moved out on my 18th birthday?

What if I hadn't gone to Wal-mart to buy film in the 11th grade?

What if I hadn't been given that note?

What if I hadn't joined the band in 6th grade?

What if my mom hadn't put me in school a year early?

I would be a completely different person, with a completely different experience.

Oh, butterfly effect... you exhaust me.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

wedded bliss on the brain

I'm not typically a single minded person, but for some reason lately I can think of nothing but weddings.

Perhaps it's just the season, but everywhere I look I see things that make me think of white acoutremented celebrations. From the magazines at the grocery store to the flowers that suddenly seem to be everywhere. Everything looks made for marriage.

Twice this week, there have even been weddings in my dreams. Not my own, mind you. That afternoon was far far from a dream. If I could do it again, I would change pretty much everything. I wouldn't DARE to plan it outdoors- it would be in a church instead instead of a dark restaurant. I would invite waaay more people.

I'd wear a simple sleek dress instead of a poufy monstrosity. I'd hire a photographer, and of course, I'd actually HAVE flowers decorating the place.

The other thing's I'd change are just too numerous to mention.

I guess I'm just being my usual malcontent self.

I can't decide if I should title this post "older and wiser" or "coulda woulda shoulda".