Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tales of Tails

Once upon a time we got to puppysit the adorable Bayla (John and Gerri's Golden Retriever).

All week long they played together like best friends.

The funniest game they played was when Bayla would lay on the dog bed and hold one end of the tug toy and get pulled around by Radar.

He pulled her all around the apartment.

I unearthed this video gem while cleaning up my laptop.


Yes! That is Belle and Sebastion playing backup to the pups' shenanigans.


Gerri DiCarlo said...

smiling so large

Nick said...

Didn't realize you and Peter were Belle and Sebastian fans. Though I was aware that you guys had dogs, he told me about slapping you the other morning I guess thinking you were Radar... I found that funny, Sorry.