Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secrets of the circus tent

Peter and I don't have many "couple friends"

I suspect it's because we're odd folks on a life track most people have a hard time keeping up with.

We are a couple on wheels (Lord knows I was born with mine) always on the go,

always willing to follow the arrows that point the way to dreams,

where ever they take us,

because, no matter what, everything is held together by faith,

and we always get by.

We do what we have to, and blow kisses to our past as we wave goodbye

again and again

and move on to the next part of our lives

with only each other in tow.


because in a few months our traveling circus will gain a tiny magician.

and until her grand magical appearing act we're hunkering down in a North Georgia town that is positively crawling with relatives, and old friends. 

It's the only place I know where she could get the welcome he deserves. 

Until that day, all I can do is try not to worry, and instead choose to wonder

Will she be blond like his dad or brunette like me?

Will she have big dark eyes, or Peter's gold flecked blues? 

Since I'm always cold and Peter's always hot, will she be juuusst right?

Only a few things can be known for sure-

as sure as the sun rises in the East she'll be born with wheels, always rolling alongside, as we continue this journey Peter and I set out on when we were still kids ourselves. 

She will be pale pale pale.

and finally, and most importantly

She will be insanely ridiculously intensely completely



Below is a repost of one of my favorite posts ever. I don't generally repost, but given the current situation certain things could use reiterating:

Dr and Mrs A

-married 6 7 years

-moved 7 (soon to be 8) 8 times

-survived high school

-survived undergrad

-survived medical school

- said "adios!" to 99% of our earthly possessions twice

-survived fast food jobs, night shift jobs, ultra-demanding overtime-all-the-time jobs and life without jobs

-survived living in a foreign country

-survived trying to restore an old as dirt cottage

-Survived living in a teeeeny tiny Caribbean apartment, and an even tinier one in NYC

- survived 1000 pointless fights

- and 100000 odious puns

- has taken hundreds of walks with our pup

Even though....

-He's science... ...and I'm art

-He's digitally generated compositions and I'm folk

- he's video games and I'm crosswords

-because after almost a decade of hanging out together we still both think the other is cool and fun and interesting

-because we have a strong mutually shared belief system

-because when one of us is all "this sucks and I can't stand it" the other is always "it's going to be ok! We'll be fine without any of our stuff/living a million miles from home/ after we bury the dead cat/ completely broke/ with no privacy. We'll get through it."

-Because we know God won't give us more than we can handle.

- Because at this point we're fairly used to living by the skin of our teeth

Because we're awesome