Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once upon a time...

It's been a very long day, and I believe a bedtime story is in order.

(I know it's not that late, but I'm knackered out.)

Once Upon a Time ...

There was a girl

Who met a boy. They got married and moved to the Caribbean and got a dog. He studied medicine, and she worked at a resort. But she got sick of the monkies messing up her table settings, so she went to work for a camp for undocumented kids. Eventually they had to leave the island. It was very sad. She still misses her friends and the kids there. (Especially that kid, Helene)!

Now they live in New York, where he "works" at a very nice hospital and she is a florist 60 hrs per week, but still makes dinner, does class work and blogs.

The End.

Good night!


Gerri DiCarlo said...

You're precious (but not nearly as precious as baby Radar... he's ridiculously cute).

Giulia Mauri said...

Such a cute story...!

AsianMedstudent/former neighbor said...

What? There were monkeys near AUC? And I starved for nothing!