Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I love about New York #1

I'm not one who is prone to homesickness, but a few bad days in a row can really make you start idealizing the past, which for me is a sunny beach side apartment in the Caribbean. But it's like Conor Oberst (of my fave band Bright Eyes) says,

"Life is how it is, not how it was."

So I tell myself to MTFU (WTFU would be more accurate, I guess) and focus on all the nice things about living here, which I will start doing here on my blog. Starting now.

Things I love about New York #1:

Mass Transit

I love that New York has such a great mass transit system. Anytime I want to go somewhere I just dig out my Metrocard and hop on a bus, or a train, or whatever. No looking for parking, no avoiding the crazy NYC drivers. I can take a book with me or my MP3 player and just enjoy the ride. This is effectively how I've done all my classwork this semester. I read a few pages on my way to work, then read some more on my way home. When I actually do get home, I can get right to brass tacks. Thanks mass transit!

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