Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I Love About New York #2: Indie Theaters

Number two on the list of things

I love about New York


Independent Theaters.

Theres a small Theater a few minutes away from my place that almost exclusively shows independent films. I suspect that the reason for this is not because of the owner's overwhelming desire to be a patron of cinematic art, but because it's a really old and small establishment, and they can probably get movies that no one has ever heard of for cheap.

(This is just a theory- for all I know, the owner could be wearing a beret as he scoffs at Spielberg as we speak.)

I love it there.

The building is ancient, and the walls are covered in posters featuring actors and actresses that were mostly dead before I was born. Also, it's a very cheap way to spend an afternoon. Last week we saw Happy Go Lucky. Even though it was a little frustrating at times, it was a GREAT movie. If you live anywhere near a theater where Happy Go Lucky is showing, you HAVE to go see it. Seriously. Not seeing it would be a crime. It's more a character study than anything- the plot is cobweb thin- but somehow getting to spend two hours with "Poppy" makes it worth it. On a side note, I couldn't help thinking that artsy star Sally Hawkins bears a striking resemblance to fellow AUC wife, Gerri Dicarlo... only much paler.

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Gerri DiCarlo said...

I just saw that movie here in Savannah at the Savannah Film Festival two weeks ago.
Other good ones from the festival that you should look for:
-I've Loved You For So Long (starring Kristen Scott Thomas)
-Between The Folds (documentary on Origami)
-Goldfish (short film)
-Who Does She Think She Is (about being an artist + woman)