Monday, September 11, 2006

Hi Blogland!

Hi Blogland. My name is La Sha Ackerman. Why "La Sha"? Ask my parents. I don't know. My mom blames my dad and my dad blames my mom. Given the era and my parents' ages at the time I showed up, I'm just glad I got a name and not just a symbol or initials. Actually that might have been cool. I could've been INXS Ackerman, The Baby Formally Known as Fetus Ackerman, or maybe just $! Ackerman. I was recently trying to think up a name to use for as my stage name for when I'm super famous for something, but I couldn't think up anything better than La Sha. So I guess I'll stay La Sha, until I can think of something better to be. What do you think?

So... why is there a picture of the beach over there? Because a picture of the dumpster on the opposite side of my building just isn't as pretty. This particular beach is about a block away from where I've been living for the past couple of months. Ever heard the farmer-in-the-dell song? In my version the Chemist took a wife, the Wife took a cat, the Cat took his mousey toy, and they all moved to the Netherlands Antilles to follow a dream.

What do I do around here? Well, I'm not the bar fly type, but being so strapped for cash, and being an illegal immigrant (IRONY) I took a job at the Kissing Fish Bar. Its actually not that bad. It's a sleepy little pool bar at The Summit Resort. My boss is an American woman and a Swiss Man who calls me leche, which I can never tell if its in compliment of my figure or if he just has an aversion to the "shay" sound. "Halo Leche! Zee bar eez beezy aujord'hui- zee professeurs from zee medical school are coming!"

When I'm not working I usually hang around the beach or clean my apartment. I bought a couple painting tutorial sets (NOT paint by number, they just supply paint and canvas and give tips) from the local art store I like the paintings they give you instructions to paint, but I really like the paint it came with. I never knew it was so much fun to use water colors. Here's my first one:

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