Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bleu Azur means Blue Blue

If that's what you have in mind then I'm mamamamovin' out! And by "that" I mean being gouged with rent, and having everything in my apartment breaking with nothing ever getting fixed. There is NO WAY I would ever consider renewing my lease for this dump. Bleu Azur is the worst apartment I've ever lived in... That's why I'm loading up the car and moving to Beverly, I mean Beacon, Hill. It's amazing how much higher rent is for all the buildings around the campus than the ones 2 miles away. Double the space for the same price folks... Also, the name doesn't make sense- Blue Blue?
I highly don't recommend this apartment building.
One of the best things about my new apartment is that I have a nice big desk all to myself. It's such a nice place to work, and to commemorate my release from the dark dungeoniness of Blue Azur, I present for your consideration an Azur Koala.
Low season at The Kissing Fish has suddenly gotten especially low, due mostly to the fact that the only real work I've been getting is on Tuesdays, whereas last year at this time of year I could be sure to work every Friday (which is definitely money night). Despite all my hard work over the past year, especially during high season where I'd work weeks at a time with no day off in between, I shouldn't have expected anything better .
Bummed out about the lack of work, and spending too much time around the house, I decided to head over to Dr Atchley's office to see if she had any volunteer projects that needed manning. She had several projects going on, but the state of my transportation made proximity a major factor, so I chose to help out at a place that teaches and takes in kids that are undocumented or illegal; kids that any government sanctioned entity wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. It starts next month. To be honest, I'm a little surprised at how much I'm looking forward to it.

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