Friday, May 11, 2007

Jelly Fish FREAK me out... stingy little water ghosts

Having ended our third semester on the rock, the hubby and I went to Georgia for a week to catch up with the family and to get some much needed R+R. (I would have blogged about it sooner, but the Caribserve guy still hasn't come to set up internet at our new apartment- if island life teaches you anything, its patience). Normally I make Peter go to a lot of places with me and participate in activities when we're on vacation, but in my constant efforts to improve myself as a wife, I decided to let him do whatever he felt like, which was generally not much, while I went out visiting the relatives and stuff.

I did a lot of doodling, but no painting over the break, so all the ideas I got while I was gone are now just bursting to get out. The first project I'm taking on is kind of ambitious, but I think it will be really cool once its finished. It will require nine pieces of paper, each with one jelly fish on it, with the tentacles extending over the edge of the paper, so that when they're hung together they create a kind of ethereal maze.

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