Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's a sugar glider?

I've always liked to keep unusual pets- for ten years I had a pet turtle. (I gave him and his incredible custom built terrarium to a local kids museum when we moved to the Caribbean). Now my new favorite unusual animal is the sugar glider. They're native to Australia, but they're starting to become popular over here as pets. They're kind of like flying squirrels, except much smaller. When fully grown they're about the size of a chipmunk. I almost bought one of the adorable little critters, but then I found out that they're hundreds of dollars. Also it pooped on me when I picked it up. I made this little painting of a sugar glider meeting a dwarf rabbit. I call it "You're Strange, But I Like You". Either of the subjects could be the speaker of the title. I imagine a tiny rabbit might be strange to an Australian flying squirrel. I adore this little scene, but I've been told it's a waste of paint, that I should paint over it and use the canvas for something else. I posted him for sale in my etsy shop ( so maybe someone will come and prove mom wrong.

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