Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exams, and papers, and contests- Oh My!

I always mean to keep a constant stream of blogging going... and all my laundry clean... and all my homework done... but life just keeps getting in the way. Unfortunately for my laundry and blogging I had the first exam of the semester a couple days after my arrival in New York, so everything non-survival related was pushed to the back burner while I over-studied for the online test. You would think that taking college classes online would be easier than taking them in a class room... but it's NOT!!! Having never met my professor I don't know if he's a hard ass or a laid back type. I don't know if using a somewhat humorous and creative topic as the focal point of the paper I'm working on will win me more points and maybe even a chuckle, or just disapproving frowns as he stamps my digital paper with a big red digital "F".

As it turns out, I ended up getting an almost perfect score on the paper, and a high A on the exam as well. Next time I'll probably be a little more chill than I was this time. Only three more exams and research papers left for this semester! Yay!

In other news, while wandering around Manhattan yesterday giving my resume to anyone who would look at it, I found a street populated almost entire by fabric stores. Actually not just fabric stores, but also stores dedicated to nothing but trim and even one dedicated solely to producing some of the prettiest lace you ever saw. I haven't been jazzed about sewing for a while, but looking at all those bolts of fabric was like walking around on a giant paint covered palate. I can't wait till I have a work area set up, so I can go back and whip up some projects for myself.

I haven't been posting much in my etsy shop lately, but I have been shopping around some. I am completely smitten by littleloveblue and her ADORABLE little felt creations. There is a contest going on to win the most precious black felt kitten on Earth. It reminds me so much of my old cat Panda, who was ran over by a car one day in front of my house. Everything about this little fuzzy creation reminds me of Panda, even the withering whiskers that are a little limper looking than most cats. Also the way it's postured looks like it was made to be a model of her. Littleloveblue has such a gift for turning lumps of wool into amazingly cute creatures. If I win the contest we'll go to lunch in the city, my treat!

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