Thursday, March 04, 2010

mo MoCa

MoCa is THE BEST restaurant around.

(Around Forest Hills, that is)

The food is just sooo good. So I was really and truly shocked when I looked them up on and found one bad review after another. I can't figure it out- everything is always so lovely there, from the food to the service to the ultramod decor.

Okay, maybe I could understand if someone is sensitive to the lights. The place does kind of have a Russian Disco meets Buddhist temple vibe. But personally, I find the effect combined with their gorgeous indoor water features completely enamoring.

The thing I just absolutely don't get is the complaints about the food. EVERYTHING there is so delicious! Especially their chicken pineapple fried rice.

It's served inside a pineapple.

Don't you love dishes served in fruit? I do.

I do sometimes have wonky food tastes, though, so I checked with Peter of the Red-Blooded-American-Man-TasteBuds to see if his picks all passed the normal tastes test and got an unequivical "it's awesome."

We went to MoCa for our last anniversary, and most recently, we went there for Valentine's Day after I found the surprise Peter got me (A Yudu screenprinter- WOOT!) Finding it involved solving complicated riddles and venturing out on the snow covered roof.

Because really, what holiday isn't complete without riddles and REALLY REALLY GOOD modern Asian fusion?

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