Friday, August 06, 2010

less is more

I want one of those big gold necklaces that are popular with Latina chicks, but instead of spelling out my name I want it to read

"I'm aware you have an opinion

but I'm not interested in hearing it."

I don't know if the flea market jeweler will be able to fit all that in though, so maybe I should just get one that says "hush!".

Hmmm, my latina-jewlery-advice-dodging plan smacks of bad attitude, so maybe I should just stick with my old aversion tactic that's as follows; anytime someone starts in on me for something random, or goes on unwarranted advice tirades, or is really negative, or just makes me uncomfortable in any way, I try to find something (positive) about them to talk about. It works. every time. because the only thing obnoxioius people love more than giving someone a hard time is talking about themselves.

"You shouldn't eat dried pineapple- they preserve it with sulphur dioxide, you know. I only buy organic. You should shop at WholeFoods. "

"WOW you shop at WholeFoods, you must live in town, I bet you love living in the center of everything, how's your parking situation?".

Obnoxious tirade ended and further food snobbery averted.

(Sulphur dioxide is completely harmless and naturally occurring btw.)

Do you know what else annoys me and drives me crazy and thrills me and gives me absolute peace? painting. Here's a new one. I'm not sure how she fits into the "Fierce Flora" theme. Meticulous flora, studious flora, somber flora- any would be more appropriate I think.

You probably can't tell, but it's a close up of a Peony- my absolute favorite of all flowers.

They are such silly flowers- big round blossoms on skinny stalks you soak in warm water to open. A sensible flower would die in warm water, but peonies just blossom and smell like heaven.

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