Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Elsie's first "real" hair cut!

I pride myself on being a pretty crafty lady, a mender of socks, a repairer of hems, and stitcher of leggings from old t-shirts.
Cutting my daughter's hair has never seemed like a very big deal (I cut my own for years when I was younger and had access to mirrors that allowed me to see the back of my head while I cut.)
 Dr A's mom has a professional stylist that comes to her house and cuts her hair for her, and offered to have Elsie's done professionally for the first time while she was there.
 Expecting her to be fidgity, I gave her a Leapfrog tablet to play with to distract her, and sure enough, she barely noticed anything was happening at all. 
The stylist said she'd never had such an easy time cutting a toddler's hair.

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