Saturday, January 17, 2015

Elsie's almost four!

Why am I making a big deal about my daughter's fourth birthday?
All year long Elsie goes to birthday parties and always asks, 
"Can it be my birthday soon, please???" 
as if I had some kind of control over what day it is. 
Every time she sees balloons, she asks, "Is it close? Can we have a happy birthday party?" 
Every time we walk past the cake display in the grocery store she oohhhs and ahhhs over the confections and declares her favorite saying, 
"THAT is going to be my birthday cake!" 
(Last year she was going through a dinosaur phase and really loved the dinosaur cake in the cake book, but also really wanted a princess cake. This particular cake was called "Princesses in the Garden" but mine was "princesses in the Garden with Dinosaurs." 

Because she loves throwing "parties" for her My Little Ponies 
(who seem to be aging at break neck speed.)
Because ultimately I know it's kind of a waste of money for just one day, but these little kid birthdays are so few and fleeting. I feel like every time I blink she gets a little bigger and before I know it she'll be all grown up and those 300 year old ponies won't be strewn across my living room floor. These sweet early years are finite and I want to make them the happiest I possibly can for her. Someday it will take more than cake and balloons to make her happy, but today, they are the stuff of her dreams, so, for just a little while, I get to make her dreams come true.

Elsie at her third birthday party- just family and two friends.
 This year we're going a little bigger since we're not having it at the house.

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