Monday, February 16, 2015

The Best My Little Pony Cake Ever

Dr A wanted to get Elsie one of the huge fancy My Little Pony cakes like he'd seen online for her fourth birthday party.

I called all over town trying to get a feel for how much it would cost to make a cake like that for about 60 people. Turns out the going rate is well over $200 for a large, well decorated cake!

SO I went to my local supermarket where I got a three tiered cake with blue ombre icing (but no decorations) for less than half the price of every other baker in town.

Then I made a bunch of hearts, stars and clouds and stuck them into the cake, and topped the whole thing with Princess Twilight's hot air balloon. (Elsie already had the balloon I just had to wash it to make sure it was clean enough to use.)

The end result was pretty great!

My girl waiting impatiently to cut her cake.

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