Friday, April 11, 2008

Golden Eagle

We did Golden Eagle cruise a while back, but I never got around to blogging about it, but since it's one of the more interesting things we've done here I thought I'd take a sec to post about it
Golden Eagle Cruise summer 2007 When we first moved here there were a couple attractions that really caught my eye. Two years later there are still some that haven't, and probably never will, be checked off that list. However I am super glad that after more than a year here we finally got around to taking the Friday Farewell Cruise. The cruise goes around the island, to Tintemarre, then back, with several snorkeling stops, at some of the Caribbean's most colorful underwater spots. Lunch was a three course affair at one of my favorite restaurants on the island, Calmous Cafe. This is probably the most fun thing Peter and I have done since we moved here. Also, a most rare event occured- Peter and I made some friends with whom we are strangely similar. In fact their dorki/artsi/techni/trivia ness rivaled our own like few people can, much less on a dynamic as a couple. (Peter and I are so different, people usually like one of us and not the other, or as a couple one of us can't stand one of them.) For dinner we went to The Greenhouse in Philipsburg with our new friends. If I'm ever in Michigan, I'll definitely have to look them up.
One of the guys on the cruise dropped a line off the back of the boat and ended up pulling in a few tuna fish.

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