Monday, May 12, 2008


I hope all of you remembered mother's day yesterday! My mom got some flowers from my sister, and a plant from me (which I watered today, and am planning on planting tomorrow), and a cute new french tuille apron I lovingly made with my own hands from my own design. I am thinking of making some more to put in my etsy shop ( At the very least I'm definitely going to be making one for myself to protect my clothes from the constant paint stains that besmirch half my wardrobe. I always say I'm going to be super neat and not get a drop anywhere but the canvas, then next thing I know I darting for the pre-treater in the laundry room and trying to pick dried paint out of my hair. It's a testament to the high quality of the paint I use how difficult it is to get out of my hair! It won't wash out with just shampoo and conditioner. I have to single out the stricken hairs and basically peel the paint off.

I finished my first painting since arriving in the states. Just when I was starting to think the creative spark had left me for good, my brush started whipping around and voila, a cute new critter to add to the Blossom Creek Zoo (what I call my collection of animal paintings). I'll be putting him in my etsy shop later in the day.

I'm taking a couple Maymester (3 week long) classes. They start Wednesday, and I really couldn't be more excited about it! I've waited much too long to go back to school. Jamie's break ended today. I regret not getting to spend more time with her. The day in Athens was probably the best day I've spent in the US since we came back. I don't many people who live here anymore, but even if I had my pick of folks to hang out with I'd pick Jamie- she's the best! There are a few people who I fully intend to catch up with this Summer. I guess I'm kind of the event planner in my marriage, but I've been in such a funk I haven't wanted to go anywhere or see anyone.

Things have kind of plateaued around here. I've got a routine. I keep to myself. I keep my head down and try not to be too disrespectful. My mantra is "this is only temporary".

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