Monday, December 29, 2008

On the LAST day of Christmas...

I'm not sure exactly if the 12 days of Christmas are supposed to start on Christmas day, or end on Christmas day, but no matter to me,

because today was officially the last day of Christmas at our house.

After packing up some treats to be sent home to my Georgia kinfolk I said adieu to my visiting in-laws and then began the de-christmasizing process. Which, of course, involves a long hard look at one's financial status.

Surprisingly, we did really well to stay under budget. (It took some blood, sweat, and a boatload of tears to stay there, but somehow we made it under!)

For example: a few days before Christmas eve I said, "lets go get a tree!" which elicited an unwelcome, "we can't afford a tree this year, and all our ornaments are in Georgia anyway." So, to be spiteful I said "fine!" and pulled some cardboard out of the pile of garbage sitting by the door about to be taken to the dumpster, and began fashioning a tree. Knowing he hates trashy, chaotic-looking, thrown together things, I thought that perhaps having to look at a pile of old cardboard shaped like a tree might inspire him to join me in a little budget bending.

But then I got into it.

Really into it.

Next thing I knew I was blowdrying paper mache and looking for some glitter to make a star with.

I trimmed it down and used cardboard rolled around an old spaghetti jar to make a trunk.

With all our gifts nestled around it, it made a cozy tableaux completed by the adorable snowman Aunt Janet gave me.

He looks very happy living under his tree of not pine, but garbage.

Who knows maybe I'll save my little garbage tree for next year.

Actually no, I won't because we have ZERO closet space already, and there'll be garbage enough next Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Over the next year, make 100 of those trees and sell them for $40-$50 each and you've got Christmas paid for. They look great and people love handmade stuff. Keep up the good work!