Saturday, January 24, 2009

The semi-annual

Twice a year I cut my hair whether I need to or not.

My hair really does grow slowly.

In honor of this auspicious occasion I've decided to pay homage to hairstyles gone by.

crank whirrrr chugga boom (and other time machine sounds)

Welcome to 2001.

long layered bob... curled under. Rockin bright orange Abercombie and Fitch corduroys no less.

Now for 2002

... slightly longer Looking lady-like for a dance at North GA College.

2003 was layered...

...and auburn.

2004 was less auburn and more sepia.... ...cause I was clearly stuck in the 1800s with my sister.

In 2006 I moved to the Caribbean... and the sun/surf nearly turned me blonde.

So I dyed my hair jet black. Which I really loved. I loved it even more so in 2007 when I got fantastic swooping bangs. Now it's 2009 and I'm back to my natural brunette self

which my husband loves. It's just kind of long and straight, which Paris (the place, not the person) says will be in next Summer so it stays... for now. Hmmm... I did really like the black. It might be time to dye it back.

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