Sunday, February 22, 2009

Broke In The Big Apple #2

Are you broke in the big apple?

(Or anywhere else for that matter)

Remember the three R's !




Some clever folks have figured out streamlined ways to do all three.

Reducing is easy- especially when broke- (no money= no shopping)

recycling only makes too much sense, especially in urban parts where it's collected for you.

Reuse is my favorite form of budget-crunching-environmentally-responsible do-goodery.

I love when I can find a clever use for something that would otherwise be thrown out (or recycled if possible).

I knew there had to be a practical use for the oh-so-pretty packaging Ferraro-Roche packs their nutty treats in, and when I was rummaging around in my supply bag grumbling over the tangley state of my many spools of thread it hit me- the little candy nooks are the perfect size to host a small spool. Now my thread never gets tangled, and I can clearly see the color and thickness of each spool without having to dump them all out on the table. Also, I can keep this sweet little box on it's side on the bookshelf, which conserves space in my apartment! Bonus!

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