Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

Today, the weather looked a little like this...

Fortunately, I had the day off, so I played find-the exact-snowball-I-threw with Radar for a while. It requires very little effort on my part, because every time I throw a snowball (and it breaks up immediately on impact) Radar spends twenty minutes running around trying to find the exact snowball I threw.

Unfortunately, Mr A wasn't quiet so lucky- he had to work today, regardless of the weather.

He was counting on parking on his usual spot in the parking deck, but of course, the entire deck was full.

It wouldn't have been that much of a bother to have to park out in the snow except that it continued snowing while he was at work, so that when he came out in the evening his car was under a foot of snow.

There is a little known rule of weather that states that you will have a snow scraper in your car 100% of the time that it's unneccesary.

Today was no exception, so he scavenged around inside the car to find something to dig the car out with.

Mr Clean keeps his car pretty tidy, so his only tools were textbooks, scrubs, a Bible, sunglasses, jumper cables,....

and a big plastic vagina.

Because who doesn't have a big fake vah-jay-jay in their trunk?


(Actually, if you do, you better have just come from an I.U.D. lecture, or you got some 'xplainin' to do.)

I'll let you guess which one he ended up using to dig out the car with.

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