Sunday, January 31, 2010

hijacking begets hijacking

Thursday: pop-ups began popping up constantly

Friday: YOUR SYSTEM IS INFECTED message took over my desktop

Saturday: Peter and I spent hours trying (to no avail) to resurrect my pc friend

Sunday (Today): My computer won't even turn on... as soon as the "logging on" screen appears, it instantly begins logging off.

Tomorrow I'm taking her to the pc hospital, to see if they can bring her out of her coma.

(We've figured out how to get to where we can wipe it clean, and get her back to her original state, but ouch... all my music... all my photos... videos... unpublished blog posts... my software... basically my life for the past four years.)

A clean slate is better than no slate... but again...


I'm only able to post this tonight on Mr Medical's precious Alienware because he's away concocting a classic Peter culinary creation; tomato rice.

So... lets fish around in his photo vaults for a change, shall we?


This here picture is what pops up on the hubby's phone,when it's me on the dialing end.

This is the Mitsubishi Lancer we used to drive back in SXM , oh French liscence plates.

Here's the Lord Of The Furniture sitting on the coffee table I found on the side of the street before I stripped it down and awesome-ified it. (sorry, all I have is this cat filled "before" shot for you... the awesome "after" pic is on my computer... sigh.) And to wrap things up, here's a pic of Peter from last Summer. Ah... a Yankees game, then goofing off in Central Park. That was a fun day.

Mostly cause it didn't involve debugging my computer.

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