Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Building a Better Bird

I have had some wonderful pets.

Radar... Beavura... Beauvra's mother, Panda

(Someday I will have to write a post about the 8 lb bundle of insanity that was PandaCat and my absolute love for her. I can't think about it too much, though, cause it inspires so much melancholy for me).

I've also had some bad pets... verrry bad pets.

i.e. Fiefel the hampster... my first (very poorly named) cat "Good Kitty"... and my involuntarily adopted pet skunk.

I can't think of words that describe how unwelcome that skunk was-

having a skunk living and BREEDING in the crawl space just below your bathroom is noooo fun.

Trust me.

Because, you see, the toilet makes a loud sound when it is flushed, which scares skunks, and when skunks are scared... well, you know what happens then.

"Hello... animal control? How fast can you get here?"

I don't know what compelled me to get the hampster... I guess he was pretty cute... but when all a pet does is bite you and run away, it gets pretty uncute quick... plus he learned this neat trick where he propped his back legs up into the corner of the cage, and propelled his pee outside his cage.

Did you know hampster pee is incredibly sticky and hard to clean?

Cause it is.

But there is one pet I would never imagine keeping... and that is a bird.

1) Why would you put something blessedly built for flight in a cage?

2)Birds do not WANT to be with you. I promise. They really don't.

3)They are LOUD.

4)Bird poop.

But I do LOVE birds...

as evidenced by my art:

Also, check out this pink lady who just took up residence in my studio:

Do you recognize her?

Yep. She's the message bearing birdy from this painting.

Adopt her today by clicking here.

I promise she won't poop on your couch.


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