Wednesday, January 13, 2010

With love, blue bird

Some of my paintings are finished, viewed for a week or two, listed for sale, and put safely into storage until I can find it a happy home.

Some paintings become ingrained into my daily life. Though they're listed for sale, it's hard to imagine them being gone.

This is one of those paintings.

I listed it for sale, along with high quality print versions a while back, then promptly gave it a place of honor in my tiny kitchen.

It greets me in the morning, and bids me adieu as I leave for work.

It's become a pleasant part of every day life.

Here, it can be seen behind my Christmas Pot roast!

So when I learned the art of soft sculpture I knew I wanted to make a 3-d recreation of this, one of my favorite paintings.

I don't know why I love it so- It isn't my fanciest or most time consuming piece or most valuable, I mean- it's on an old cracked cutting board, but I can't help but find it utterly charming.

So far I only have one of the birds made, but I plan on creating him a mate before too long.

I went ahead and listed it for sale, but he's already made an adorable nest on the shelf while he waits for his mate to arrive.

****************************Post edit************ I was originally going to call this post "Be like the bluebird who never is blue" because of my undying affection for Cole Porter, but then I decided to change it at the last second because it was too long.

Secondly, in this wordy post edit of mine- I'd like to leave you with this video of Frank and Ginger dancing to "Night and Day", by the talented Mr Porter. It is the most romantic thing ever.

Feel like watching another video?


Here's some Dutch high school kids in Anything Goes singing "Be Like The Blue Bird"


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Just Me said...

Aww so cute. And Royal Wedding is one of my favorite Astaire movies.