Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogging from bed

Today was one of those days where you wake up and don't really feel like getting out of bed

So you don't

Cause they'll understand if you call in sick to work just this once. So you go back to bed cause you can always get up around noon and still have a productive day.

But you don't.

Noon comes and goes and next thing you know it's one o'clock and the closest thing to a Saturday Morning cartoon marathon you can find is Nat. Geo's Locked Up Abroad series. And you give yourself permission to watch just this one episode, cause geez, Venezuela's Los Teques prison is insane when you're a chubby American dude who just got caught with a bunch of cocaine in hairspray bottles. You'll get out of bed after this show is over.

But you don't, and you fall asleep again around three in the afternoon thinking that Americans do a bunch of dumb crap when they're overseas.

At four you DO get out of bed

because of the impending need to hurl. But then it's straight back to hiding under the covers until your brainy freak husband insists you need to eat something "because your body requires protein to make antibodies and blah blah blah and I'm a medical know it all and here drink this Gatorade and lets play scrabble because you love scrabble and I love you and I hope you feel better and bleeble blabble"

So you do.

But then he puts on his scrubs and leaves cause he has an overnight shift in the ER.

So you put on new PJs and go back to bed, but you decide to write one quick blog before you embark on your 19th hour of sleep for the day.

It's one of those kind of days.

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