Thursday, April 01, 2010

Q & A

Q: Where have I been and why have I not blogged a bit for 2 weeks (or so?)?

A: Working my fanny off and also... AcKeRpAlOoZa

Q: What, pray tell, is Ackerpalooza?

A: It's when the Ackerkids (Dr Peter, Nurse J., and meself) bend time and space to get together for adventures.

Verily, having time off and cash money enough to do stuff is a magical combination.

Q: Will I be recapping the adventures?

A: Absofrigginlutely! Let Ackerpalooza recap part one begin...

You know the party don't start till J walks in! The weather looked a little something like this: on day 1, so after getting settled in we went to Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton is probably my favorite man in Hollywood, but Mr Depp seems to be slipping.

Day two was still rainy, so it was spent at Spa Castle where absolutely no pictures were taken. Absolutely none! Not one! Because taking pics at the spa is seriously not cool.

Day three was gorgeous, so we pulled out our compasses and other very serious hiking gear, and went exploring... in Central Park.

(By very serious hiking gear, I mean dresses with belts and cardis)

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