Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Napping and Nesting

Last year I was living in NYC and went to work in a foot of snow.

This year I'm living in Georgia and four measly inches of the white stuff has had everyone snowed in.

Even if you have the gumption to crank up your four wheel drive and get out on the completely unplowed and unsalted roads, there is nowhere to go because everything is closed.

It has been awesome having a few days to enjoy just spending time with my husband and indulging the increasingly overwhelming nesting instinct.

Never before have I felt the need to use every single attachment that came with my vacuum cleaner; but suddenly I find it imperative that all intake and outtake vents in the house be vacuumed thoroughly, all ceiling corners be inspected and deemed spider web-less,  and you know that super skinny attachment?

You can use it to get all the dust out from the area UNDER the television.

 I know Dr A., lover of glass topped desks and 90 degree angles, is certainly enjoying this new trend, even if it does mean being asked to heft heavy things all over the house. 

 On the flip side, though, being trapped in the house for four days straight with an extremely pregnant lady exposes him to all sorts of things he'd probably be able to avoid if only he were at work. 

For example I can't hide my narcolepsy from him if he's going to be home all day.

Since I only get about 3 hours of sleep during the night these days due to constantly being woken up by the extreme urge to pee combined with a routine of 4 am nausea and just a general running wild of the mind when everything is still and quiet, I find taking a hundred little naps during the day essential to normal functioning.

(Don't ask me how I get through work days. It generally involves a lot of tongue-biting and by the end of the day an inability to see straight).

Lately my routine has become sort of...

Wake up, eat breakfast, nap, take a shower, nap, check e-mails and Etsy sales, nap, wash laundry, nap, start folding the newly cleaned laundry but then fall asleep on the couch sitting up with the tv on because the clothes are warm and smell good and unintentionally spend the rest of the day there, until someone calls or rings the door bell or until a tiny uterus dwelling creature decides its time to give the old bladder a kick.

 Also, since we've both been home... together... all day... for days now, when normally neither of us would be here, our house has taken up a new motto. Actually I guess it's more of a mantra, since it's less of a credo and just something that has become a repeated statement within our household micro-society: 

"I was going to eat that!"  

Whether it's the lone orange straggling in the produce drawer or the bottom of a jar of mayo- nothing is exempt as a cause to exert the decree of an intention of being consumed by one or (usually) both parties.

Let's hope tomorrow is sunny!  

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