Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Ghost of Halloweens Past

Of the many silly things I've sewn over the years, my favorite has to be my Halloween costumes.
The prettiest of which is definitely Elsie's water lily costume

I've gotten the most use out of the costumes I made for Dr A and I a few years back: A perfect Jedi costume for him, and a Padme costume (circa Ep 2) for me.  
Mine was easy- just a simple blue cloak I made out of fleece lined satin over a thrift shopped blue dress I embellished with little metal bits and tiny white beads (half of which fell off and decorated the dance floor at Mars 2112).  
His was harder and required many pieces, and I even did something I HATE doing;
 buying and following a pattern!

We got more mileage out of the costumes the next year, when I was 7 months pregnant, after all, it totally follows the story line for Padme to be pregnant and hanging out with Annikin!

This past Halloween I scored a sweet little princess Leia costume for Elsie, so we were able to use the costumes once again! Princess Leia with her parents Annikin and Padme!  
Though technically at this point Dr A should have been dressed as Darth Vader, and Padme would have just been a ghost, but it's fun to think of it as an alternate universe scenario, where Annikin never turned to the dark side, and they all lived happily ever after


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