Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Name Me" Contest/ giveaway

I have a problem.
It's my name.
Not actually MY name
(I'm actually kind of fond of La Sha)
but I need a new name for my business.
Long ago 
(5 years)
In a land far away
(Cupecoy, SXM)
I opened my Etsy account and called myself
LoveAboveAll holds a lot of personal meaning for me
and is kind of innocuous and friendly sounding.
As far as Etsy names go I could have done a lot worse I guess,
but now I need to unify my web presence if I want to move forward in my career.
I need a business name I can put on a sign above my booth at art festivals.
I need a name that is somewhat descriptive, or interesting, or creative that is versatile.
Currently my Etsy shop, my business website, and my blog (right here) all have different names.
I need one name I can use for all of them.
Coming up with a winning name is hard,
and that's why I need your help!
Let's have a contest to help me think of a new name for myself!
Leave your idea in the comments here or on my facebook page.
On Monday October 29th I'll pick a winner.
The winner will receive one of my paintings from the Daily Doily Project!
Hey winner, you can pick whichever one of these you want:
(scroll through my posts from September to see more pics of these)
Names I've toyed around with in the past:
The Life Artistic
(but when I say it out loud people always think I'm saying The Life Autistic, which creates confusion about what my website is about.)
Doesn't say anything about me or what I do
Polychromatic Adventures
I like this, but a lot of people don't get that I'm referencing being an artist
a misspelling of my name... doesn't do me too many favors when it comes to "brand recognition"
I still own the domain, but like LoveAboveAll it doesn't say much about me.
Chez La Sha
French for House of La Sha... I'm told it sounds silly.

And that's about it... I'm out of ideas. I need some from you!
By the way... feel free to take part in the contest no matter where you are- shipping's on me!

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