Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Art I Hate week Day #2

For today's entry of
Art I Hate
I humbly submit
for your disapproval

Real photographers spend so much time, effort, and money on their craft that it kind of curdles my blood when I see someone charging unsuspecting clients hundreds of dollars for poorly edited, compositionless, over exposed, under planned "photo sessions". These days it's become so much of an epidemic that there's even a website devoted to the "art" of fauxtography:youarenotaphotographer.com 
Everyone thinks they can buy a DSLR, run the crappy shots through a gauntlet of filters, and BAM! instant business! Now all that's left is to make a facebook fanpage for your "photography business", and start harassing every engaged couple you know about when they're going to set up their pre-wedding photoshoot. 

GOOD photography,
is expensive- most real photographers have at least 10K in their equipment.
It's time consuming,
but most of all..
it's hard.
Buying a Nikon Coolpix and trying to charge your friends for your "services" is easy.

All that being said,
I'm guilty of fauxtography- against myself.
(I would never ever ever charge anyone, but I've taken a bajillion bad pics of Elsie)
Once upon a time I loved photography, and took my FM10 everywhere I went.
(I didn't want to miss something good for the yearbook!)
Now all I have is a little point and shoot that's been dropped and just generally abused so much that I'm kind of surprised it takes pictures at all. I have no photo editing software, so if I want to edit something I use Paint and usually end up ruining it. 

Dear Elsie,
Thanks for putting up with all my fauxtography efforts!
I love you.
Also, you're cute even in the janked up pictures I take.

For $500 I'll put a blanket on my kitchen table, toss out some old silk flowers around your infant!
For an extra $100 I'll make sure to overexpose all your pics!

Join the Fauxto Phan Club, and I'll manipulate the color saturation (badly) for free!

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