Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The skull and the stones

Hey dudes.
Blogging consistently is hard.
Don't believe me?
Go check out the fifty bajillion blogs that are all 
"Welcome to my blog! I'm totally going to update it every day!"
Then there's like three posts a year.

I hold myself to very loose standards when it comes to being consistent.
Some weeks I'll be bouncing around the internet every day.
Other weeks find me barely sitting down to eat
much less to write some goofy blog post.

SO... that being said,
I'm going to interrupt myself talking about art I hate to bring you some
Halloween-y goodness.
I'll finish Art I Hate week after I'm done with the new Halloween stuff...
or whenever I run out of better stuff to talk about-
whichever comes first.

Halloween post #1
 In my back yard is a small square 
outlined in stones
placed there by people who lived here before me.
I really and truly want to think that it's just the remains of a strangely placed flower bed,
but part of me can't help but think there's something other than roots beneath the ground there.
I've outlived enough pets to know what a back yard memorial looks like.
So I keep my trowel clear of that area.
Just in case.

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