Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Flags, More Fun

Yesterday I spent the whole day shopping for something for Peter's mom's birthday, and spending some of my birthday money. I used most of the money I got on art supplies, as well as an adorable little charm bracelet. As with every specific purpose shopping trip, we always get a particular item in mind, then spend all day shopping and comparing them at various stores, to see where we can get the best quality and price. (His method, not mine). Anyhow, I don't know if she'll like what we got her or not, but Peter thinks she will, so that's what matters. I personally already knew what she'd like more than anything, I just didn't know how to wrap it- I mean, do you put my untimely death in a bag or a box?

One of my favorite artists/ bloggers Jane Desrosier made some really nice little tip videos to post on her blog. Click on the link in the "artsy folks" list to watch them for yourself. I was so inspired I went out and bought some gel medium, so I could try some of her techniques. I've done similar stuff in the past using Spackle, but I think gel medium will offer a bit more versatility- I don't think a photo transfer with Spackle would work very well.

Also, I found the camera, but I couldn't photo my new paintings today because it was so rainy and grey out that I couldn't get enough light to get good shots, even with all the lamps corralled around them. Tomorrow I'm going to Six Flags, so I probably won't get it done tomorrow either, but you can expect SOMETHING from me on Wednesday :)

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