Monday, July 07, 2008

She's no wackadoodle...

Yesterday my dear Jamie got baptised at Athens Church (an Andy Stanley satellite church that takes place in the Classic Center). I can't say how impressed I am with her taking that step. I know for me it was easy because that was where I was raised- I was pretty much always involved with one church or another, so growing up it never really seemed like there was any other way to be, but Jamie's parents stopped taking them to church when they were still kids. They got mad about a comment she made about how they stopped going to church when they moved here and they took offense and said, "well you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink", but DUH, you have to actually LEAD it to the water first. Not kind of take it half way and drop it off and say, "eh, if you were really thirsty you'd find it yourself". I think it's really important to raise kids in a christian community, i.e. church. Someday I want to have or adopt kids, and they WILL be involved in church. A Christian church, NOT some wackadoodle Arnold Murray semi-cult. I used to kind of like Arnold Murray, but I've come to dislike him more and more... not that I am totally against his teachings, I just hate that it discourages people with otherwise Christian beliefs from participating in an actual church... also he's kind of a wackjob. Google "Arnold Murray" Shepherd's chapel" to see what I mean.

At Athens Church people make a video of their testimony, and it's played right before the service to introduce the person getting baptised. Jamie's video was so cute! Her room mate (who initially brought her to the church) actually started to cry. It was so emotional. So many people love her- over a dozen people who don't go to that church or even live in the same town, came to see her get baptised. I have never seen so many people come out for one person like that. After the service we all went to DiPalma's In downtown Athens- one of our favorite restaurants. Almost every time we go downtown we have lunch at DiPalma's... except for that one time at Doc Chey's, but that's a different story. I knew several of the people that came from high school, but I hadn't seen in years. I hope to go back to Athens soon; visit Jamie and The Grit :)

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