Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Got Grass

On day three I got no cleaning done.
I dropped LC off and changed into the grungiest clothes I own and headed over to cut grass for some relatives. It's about 10 acres of grass and I go around with a weedeater after cutting the bulk, so it's an all day affair.
It's hard work, but it's also pretty nice. 
Lucas gets to spend the day with his Grandpa 
and I get to soak up the sunshine belting out 90s pop songs 
safe in the knowledge that no one can hear me over the engine's rumble.
It was supper time by the time I finished,
so I shook off as much grass as I could and picked up some subs on my way home.
I hate the idea of paying for a gym,
because there is so much in the world that needs to be done,
that I refuse to waste my time and money to ride a bicycle in place.
I know it's not as efficient as working out at a gym, 
but my sore muscles are a testament to it's effectiveness.
Feeling chubby?
Go for a run.
Work on your yard.
Go hiking and clear sticks and weeds off the trail (seriously good exercise).
Dig a garden.
Chase your kids around
for a more extreme workout "fly" your kids around.
Visit an elderly relative and help out with whatever obviously needs to be done.

I did a load of laundry after supper, 
but my heart wasn't in it 
and bed time followed soon after. 

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