Monday, June 05, 2017

Week 2 of Summer: Art Show!

Last week we got the house in order and this week we got ready for...
LC's first Art show!!!!!
Compared to last week, this week was HEAVEN!
LC was so excited when I told her about it that she immediately sat down and got to work finishing all the half finished paintings from her nature journal.
I bought a bunch of frames and did a little outlining for her and the collection came together really well!
(All the paintings in the front rows on the table are by Lillie. The big ones in the back are mine.)
On the night of the show roadwork had completely blocked the studio creating a really difficult parking situation and also it STORMED. I was getting worried that no one would come and Lillie would get her first taste of what being a professional artist is really like (see also: disappointing).
Thankfully I was wrong!
So many people love my little artist girl that the studio filled right up!
(LC with her best friend)
All the proceeds from any art sold went to her BES tuition.
Together we raised nearly half a year's tuition!  

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