Monday, June 05, 2017

Week of clean wrap up: This was a terrible idea.

The title of this post says it all. 
I tried so hard to get my house perfectly clean,
and keep it perfectly clean
for just one week
and I failed.
Not only did I fail, but I made everyone
(especially me).
Keeping a house clean with a two year old and a six year old just is not a worthwhile endeavor.
(Aside from being unworthy of my time, it's also really darn near impossible.)
So we're back to our normal messy selves.
Toys are on the floor.
Play dough is on the table.
A half finished painting is propped up in the hallway.
I still do the dishes daily,
vaccuum when/where possible
and keep everyone in clean clothes but other than that
messy mommy is BACK
and everyone is very glad
(especially me!)

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