Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From snozberries to the USMLE

The past four days have been insane!

I spent Friday night with my sis Jamie in my favorite city within the continental United States, Athens. It was my first sleepover (sans males) in a looooooooooong time. I think the event can be summed up accurately with one word.


You'd have to visit The Winery in downtown Athens to fully understand what I'm talking about. The most notable player of the event was the insanely persistent overweight Asian man who, after being told twice that we (none of us) were interested in dancing with him, proceeded to come back in an almost Night at The Roxbury style, not once, but two more times. At first I was really polite, just dancing with the girls, "not interested, thank you" but later it started getting ridiculous and became more like, "NOT INTERESTED!!!!!". Like a goldfish who runs into the side of the glass bowl, forgets five seconds later, and runs into it again. Maybe he thought I was drunk, and would forget that I'd said no four times before.

Then, on Sunday, Peter and I loaded up the car and headed down to the worst smelling city I've ever been in, Augusta. Paper mills...blech. It smells so bad, and it's like once the smell is in your nose you can't get it out. We drove a good bit out of our way to find a hotel that was outside the stink cloud that engulfs most of the city. But the smell is beside the point... the whole point of the trip was (drum roll, please) Peter's United States Medical Licencing Exam. That's right folks- it's finally over. I've been praying like crazy that he gets a good score on this. His entire career is dependant on this one exam... seriously. We should know in a couple weeks how he did... till then it's just pins and needles and really focused prayer. It's rare that I ask for particular things in prayer... it's usually just praise, guidance, blessings, safety, etc., but these days it's specific and focused, and even more constant than usual. Peter has worked so hard- the past few years have been extremely difficult for him. I really want this to work out for him.

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