Sunday, June 15, 2008

He thinks his tractor is sexy.

I know part of it is because I've been "on island time" for the past few years, (meaning that nothing ever seems urgent, and deadlines are always vague or nonexistent) but the past month has seemed absolutely breakneck. I foolishly signed up for 3 maymester clases, meaning 9 hours of class monday through friday with 6 or 7hours of homework on top of that. Insane... especially for a non-academic femme like me, but somehow I managed to cross the semester finish line with a 92, 94, and 87. So woot for school!
A little less woot for art. Not much of it has been made this month. Even less of it has been sold :(
After my whirlwind of education I spent a few days at my Grandma's House in Dawsonville Georgia- a totally backwoods backwards place where many of the residents seem to be unsure of whether the civil war ended and if so, who won. I love it though. I also love helping out with Vacation Bible School at the church I grew up in. When I wasn't doing Vacation Bible School, I painted her house to make it easier to sell. (Nothing fun, just a warm neutral almost yellow color... blah)> I think it's already starting to work though, because while I was still there with brushes and rollers loitering all over the place a guy stopped by. I had such a hard time keeping a straight face talking to this guy. He was the kind of person you really only ever meet in places like Dawsonville or maybe the backwoods of Canada idk. Anyway, he was like, "I got me a house in Roswell, but now they got these codes and they come and say I can't keep my tractor on my lawn no more, so I got to find me a house somewheres folks stay out of mine and my tractors' business." He asked if the rotting trailor on the edge of the property was included in the price and I was like, "it sure is!" and he was so psyched. He said it was "the perfect place to store all of my dead momma's stuff" I told him, "be careful- it's full of mice and sometimes snakes" (and various oddities that the childhood version of myself left behind). But he just pulled his pants up to his chest and trekked right in. He spent hours out in the hot mid day sun wandering around the property, so we think he's pretty interested. He's coming back next week with his son to get his opinion, so it may be him who really decides if he buys it or not.

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