Friday, May 15, 2009

The kindness of strangers abounds!

It was a sunny day and I wasn't eager to go home because I knew no one would be there, so I went for a walk after work, following the sound of a peppy indie rock band I turned a corner and went up a road I hadn't been down before.

Lo and behold; a farmer's market! I wandered around a bit stepping between the flats of herbs and crates of fresh picked vegetables.

I hadn't intended to spend a dime, but the proud owners of an orchard had figured out ways to incorporate apple cider into everything.


So my little bag was filled with apple cider doughnuts

(rolled in cinnamon sugar to be sure... as if there were any other way to have an apple cider doughnut.)

I returned to the farmer's market today, since the weather was so lovely, in order to reacquaint myself with the delightful apple treats.

After completing my sugary mission I took a few minutes to listen to a man play a guitar more skillfully than anyone else I've ever seen.

It was simultaneously soulful and perky- the kind of thing that's perfect for painting to, or cleaning to, or really just anything.

I could've listened for hours, but after a few songs I felt the need to move on, so I went to put a dollar in his guitar case. I started chatting with him. Turns out not only is Alex Simon an extremely talented musician, but he's also a very nice fellow! Before I knew it I was walking away with a copy of his c.d.!

Pleased as punch, I continued my stroll to the fresh flower vendors. A single hyacinth stem lay on the counter, so I picked it up and inhaled it's gorgeous scent. The vendor looked over and said "take it! It's the last one, and no one is going to buy a single little stem of hyacinth- it's yours."

How is it that everyone in Manhattan is in a good mood today? I swear, more random people smiled at me today than ever before.

As I looked up on the subway ride home to see the old lady across from me flash me a smile, I realized why- I had been smiling at them! The beauty and generosity of the musician and flower vendor had put me in such a good mood that I hadn't stopped smiling throughout my whole trip home.

These thoughts were still with me as I boarded the bus and a man carrying a huge bundle of wholesale flowers sat down next to me. He grinned at me clutching my single blossom, (I smiled back, of course!) and said- "those are beautiful- I've never seen them that color!" "Why thank you," He replied, "they're the leftovers from a wedding my company did. He took my lone stem of Hyacinth and grouped it with a bunch of hot pink ones. "Here you go!"

Oh no, I couldn't!

I didn't think I could take three random acts of kindness from strangers in one day!

"Please," He insisted, "Enjoy."

Well, okay :) But please, take some of these delicious apple cider doughnuts!"

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Just Me said...

What a great story to read before I start my day! And now I want apple cider doughnuts. :-)