Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Saturday for 15 more minutes, so there.

July 18, 2009

Yesterday I promised that I'd have the second installment of the Facebook Friend Photo Project today.

If I hadn't of said that, the Facebook Friend Photo Project probably would have died an untimely death.

Yesterday I thought it would be no prob to have the second photo done today since I already had the preliminary sketch done, but today... oh today.

The creative spark was not kind.

No color seemed accurate.

No shape correct, or even human looking.

The wind blew my papers away.

The paper got little blotches on it, making awkward shading choices necessary.

Oh, art. Why dost thou forsake me? I love you so much. Yet some days you are nothing but cruel.

I would have given up altogether on painting from photos today if I hadn't already committed myself to it in writing not once, but twice (here and on FB).

So I must say, Thank You, Blog. You have, for once, served a purpose.

I'm still horribly displeased with the finished product, but I'll keep the FB.F.P.P. going because I now I feel like no image I choose can be as aggravating to finish as this one was.

And to the lady in the picture, good luck recognizing yourself.

Here's to better art tomorrow.

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Eleya & Jason said...

it was worth sticking it out La Sha!! You are so talented!