Saturday, July 25, 2009

write now

Last week I was asked to use my calligraphy skillz.

And I was like whaaaa? Good handwriting? I has none.

Oh sure, I have all the accoutrement of a person with fancy writin capabilities-

Fancy pens, ink in little bottles, pens with little notches in the tip...

And I use all of it.

Just not for writing.

I use them mostly for things like this: (Birds On A Wire; ink on acrylic on polyurethane, on feathers, on acrylic, on wood).

My handwriting has always been a little aWkwArD. In fact signing my name on a painting is often the most stressful part.

That's right, I'm not even comfortable signing my own name.

How the heck did that happen?

24 years of living... ugh.

So I decided to work on it.

I puled up some fancy fonts on the 'puter and got out some of my fancy ink in fancy bottles and after several not so pretty practices, I made some fancy little things to hang around the house. Half of everyone I know has this framed somewhere in their house. It looks extremely grown up hanging around with all my other art made of feathers and whatnot.

btw- the FBFPP lives on. the next installment is coming, so hang in there, I'm getting to you.

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