Monday, July 13, 2009

a place less DaNgErOuS

I recall being in one of my contemplative moods a few weeks ago, and pondering on what percentage of my life is personal, and what percentage I allow to be seen by the public.

Probably 90% public and 10% private I recall concluding.

Now, though, I must correct myself- I think it must be the other way around; 10% public, and 90% private because the things that really bother me will probably never be talked about, much less blogged about. I would never speak out loud the things that wrench my guts so it is beyond extraordinairily unlikely that I would turn it into a one-liner for my Facebook status.

This personal revelation is all the more confounding because I spend 90% of my time amongst others, but it's the 10% that's kept to myself that's the genuine article.

The only time I ever release the muck inside my head is when I'm painting, because the truth is so deeply disguised in color and imagery that it's the only safe way to discuss the things that trouble me most. The only person who could dicipher the code is, well, myself, which makes canvas a very safe place to talk.

How about you?

What percent is public and what percent is private?

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Anonymous said...

You made me realize how stupid I have been on Facebook...Thank you..