Thursday, July 16, 2009

a southern fried fourth of July

Have you ever celebrated the fourth of July in Dawson County Georgia?

If you haven't, let me tell you, you are missing out, boy howdy.

I guarantee you it is unlike any fourth of July celebration in America.

First there's a steam engine parade.

That's right, a big line of what amounts to steam powered tractors rollin down main street pulling trailers full of little league baseball players, doing their darnedest to hit your face with hard candy and hubba bubba.

Just in case you aren't impressed by steam engines, don't worry- they're decorated!

Check out the flags on this beauty!

What? The Sons of the Confederacy don't march on the fourth of July in your home town?This one makes sense because clearly the best way to express your love of country is to celebrate breaking away from it.

After the parade was over and my purse was filled with broken mints, bubble gum, and other bits of Kiddie Mix candy we headed over to Concord Baptist for my family's big annual pot luck dinner.

I love that part. Seriously.

I love all the home grown veggies, almost as much as I love the homemade lemonade served out of a big wash tub.

(Correctly pronounced "wursh tub").

Eventually, we left the beautiful backward hills of Dawson County for the subtle sophistication of Gainesville, Georgia.

To go even further in the extreme opposite direction, we went to Chateau Elan, a pseudo-french winery/restaurant/hotel.

We spread out a blanket and pulled out the lawn chairs, marveling at the fact that Chateau security didn't seem to have a problem with folks pulling their mega trucks up on the carefully tended sod.

I had kiddie cousins running all over the place.

It was beautiful and the fireworks were great! The fourth of July this year really did serve to reinforce my belief that to truly appreciate the south, you've got to leave it, at least for a while.

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