Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dear Radar,

Sorry I forgot to say goodbye to you. I was in a pretty big hurry to leave today. Life and death…that sort of thing. Anyhoo. Be a good boy while I’m gone. Don’t lick General Beauregard too much. You know he hates that. Be good for Pastor Tim. Try not to get his kids too dirty! I was going to give you a bath before I left you with them, but you know… life and death, etc.. Peter would give you a bath, but he knocked a fingernail completely off and he’s trying very hard not to get it wet. I guess I should apologize more to the Richmonds than anyone- you don’t really mind being a dirty dog. In fact, I’m pretty sure you prefer it. So, um, enjoy being stinky. I know you’ll have fun licking lots of kiddy feet. They’ll probably find your love for sneaking up and licking people’s feet as gross as I do. It’s a very weird way to wake people up, you know. Most dogs would just bark.


Your Sha-kins

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