Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I Love About New York #6; Grace Baptist

No list of things I love would be complete without Grace Baptist Church!

I've had several church homes in the past, but Grace Baptist really takes the cake.

It's been in existence less than a year, but its growing steadily.

What does it take to fall in love with Grace Baptist?

One visit.

That's it.

I've never left a service without something new to think about.

(And I'm that really annoying connoisseur type lady who's been to/listened to a billion sermons and is unimpressed by familial anecdotes, even if watching kids play tag did remind you of 2 Timothy... or something... I don't know... you lost me at that part where you strayed from the Bible for 20 minutes.)

But I'm not the tough customer.

HE is.

Never have we ever been able to completely agree on a church home... until we found Grace Baptist.

We looked and we looked and looked then we found this fantastic little gem.

Not only are the sermons consistently on point and crammed full of 100% Pure Bibley goodness, but the people, oh the people!

I've never met such a warm bunch of folks in one spot.

And at this point I've spent enough time with them to know that it's real.

They have real genuine sweetness in their hearts- not just that saccharin you get when walking past a greeter into a mega church.

Good Sermons+ good people= GREAT church

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Just Me said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys found a place that you enjoy. It is really hard to find a good church that both people can agree on. When you do finally find that place it's such a joy. Congrats!